Beyond the Science

The ultimate goal of science is to promote human flourishing — that should include active scientists and trainees.
  1. To develop tools to extract information from cells and illuminate systems-level understanding of mammalian biology
  2. To develop tools and strategies to engineer and control cells, enabling advance cellular therapeutics
  3. To train and equip scientists to accomplish the mission and contribute to society
  1. Honesty & Transparency: A commitment to openness in research
  2. Integrity & Diligence: Making reports accurate and thorough
  3. Authenticity & Inclusion: Welcoming others, honoring differences
  4. Humility & Forgiveness: Restoring relationships between imperfect people
  5. Encouragement & Joy: Lifting one another up and having fun

Over the last decade, I have served as a mentor to dozens of students, both graduates and undergraduates. For me, mentorship goes beyond scientific development and experimental progress. I want my students to be able to independently craft their vision of success and integrate that into the broader vision for their life.